August 2017


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New Supplier

New Supplier

As a jewelry maker, (among other things), I try to keep in mind my audience.  And by that I mean the purchasing power, or better yet purchasing budget of my target audience. I remember what I thought was the McDonald's philosophy of the then $.99 burger. Or more recently, the majority of burger joints with their $.99 - $1.99 menu items. Not that I make a habit of the drive-thru windows. But more people will and can afford this menu over say a $7.00 burger. 

Tiger Iron Cabochon Wire Wrap Tutorial

Tiger Iron Cabochon Wire Wrap Tutorial

In this tutorial I take you through the steps to wire wrap a teardrop shaped stone. In this video I am using a tiger iron teardrop shaped cabochon and bare copper wire. Here are the supplies you will need:

5 pieces of 22 gauge wire 9” each (22 cm)
28 gauge wire apx 90” (230 cm) guessed
36mm x 22mm teardrop cabochon of your choice

Round nose pliers
Bent nose pliers
Flush cutters
Nylon pliers (optional)
Bail Maker (optional) Awl (optional

Tiger Iron Cabochon Wire Wrap Tutorial.


Lined Drawstring Bag Tutorial

Lined Drawstring Bag Tutorial

After doing a tutorial on making a bag or pouch with, French Seam I thought I would take it a step further and show how to make a lined bag that is more visually pleasing.

Some lined bags have the exterior and interior (lining) seam at the edge of the top.  The technique I am showing here has the exterior of the bag continuing to the inside for about 3/4”.  My apologies for not converting to the metric system. I’m old school.

I actually prefer this method for making quick lined drawstring bags.  

A Few Methods for Clearing and Cleansing your Crystals and Stones

A Few Methods for Clearing and Cleansing your Crystals

A Few Methods for Clearing and Cleansing your Crystals and Stones. When working with any crystal, especially ritual or energy work your crystal can absorb the energy in its environment, as well as the energy of anyone who handles (or is in proximity of) it.  Therefore, you should clear and cleanse your stone/crystal before and after each use.  (I prefer to also clear/cleanse my crystals after each use so that the negative energy doesn’t hang around.)