Embroidery Beading a Collar Necklace

Embroidery Beading a Collar Necklace

I decided several months ago to get back into yet another love of mine… embroidery beading a collar necklace.  I had purchased a couple of tiger eye cabochons last year and wire wrapped one of them and the other just seemed to lay dormant.

During one of my cleaning spurts, (which are few and far between) I came across some of my beading books and one of them Dimensional Bead Embroidery by Jamie Cloud Eakin seemed to end up in my hands for further perusing.  After being inspired by several of her creations, I decided it was time for my lone tiger eye cabochon to make its debut onto the world stage. And to add to the design, I came across a vintage necklace with a tiger that was definitely in need of a place to call home.

Emroidery Beading Design PhaseI forgot how long and painstaking embroidery beading can be; from laying out the initial design, to choosing which beads to incorporate into the design.



Embroidery Beading Initial Beading PhaseNow to order the seed beads!  I finally decided on three shades of a bronze, amber, gold trio, with a touch of black to add accent to the piece.  After a few changes in the stones initially selected, the piece was well on its way.  At the end of this project I will have used up the better portion of at least two hanks of seed beads. And each hank has approximately 4,000 seed beads. That’s a lot of seed beads.


Embroidery Beading in the final stretchNow I am back at a standstill while I wait for inspiration on how to finish the closure at the neck.  I did decide to add some side fringe to the piece after looking at it for several weeks and coming to the conclusion it really did remind me of the skull bone of a dead steer.  Oh my! Now that is a visual.



So here I am waiting, and waiting, and waiting.  But I did get more seed beads, and a strand of 6mm tiger eye beads.  I think that’s progress.  Oh! And I also got a couple of tiger eye 18mm cabochons to add a nice pair of beaded earrings to go with the collar.

Wish me luck on coming up with a closure design.


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