French Seam Drawstring Bag Tutorial

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The French Seam

When sewers refer to a French Seam, they are referring to a seam that is completely encased within itself.  This is a great remedy for fabrics that are sheer, loosely woven or tends to fray or unravel after being cut.


Before starting your French seam, you need to consider what your desired seam allowance will be.  I use a 1/8 inch inner seam and a 1/4” outer seam resulting in a 3/8” seam allowance.  If you typically use a 5/8” seam allowance, then your first seam would be a little under half of that, or around 1/4”.  Confusing, I know.

To create the first seam (inner), position your fabric cuts with the wrong side together.  This is very important because you will be turning it after you sew the seam.  Press the seam using as warm of an iron as indicated for your fabric. (Setting the seam this way is typically used by quilters.) Then turn it so that the right sides are together and press the seam flat. Some sewers press the seam open and then fold it, but I find I get the same results this way

Now with rights sides together sew your second seam. Turn your project and voilà, a perfect seam encased within itself!

The following Youtube video will show you how I make a basic unlined drawstring bag or pouch with French seams.

French Seam Drawstring Bag Tutorial.


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