New Supplier

New Supplier

As a jewelry maker, (among other things), I try to keep in mind my audience.  And by that I mean the purchasing power, or better yet purchasing budget of my target audience. I remember what I thought was the McDonald's philosophy of the then $.99 burger. Or more recently, the majority of burger joints with their $.99 - $1.99 menu items. Not that I make a habit of the drive-thru windows. But more people will and can afford this menu over say a $7.00 burger. 

So I choose to work mostly with copper and silver plated copper core wire.  It looks nice, but won't break the bank. However, trips to Joanns or Michaels with 40% - 50% off one item coupons was becoming annoying because it's no secret the markup is a bit ridiculous; so why pay full price. Even though after factoring in gas, my 10 year old truck eats up any savings. 

Queue the internet. For some time now I've heard a lot about a silver plated copper core wire wire from a company called Parawire. So I did some research.  The process they apply in producing this wire involves using 99.9% copper wire plated with fine silver before a non-tarnish color is applied. Today I received my order and soon I will be taking it out for a test drive. I'll be updating this article with my results.


I've finally worked with the wire!  You can find my results in my Heart Pendant Tutorial and Parawire Review post.


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