Weekend Trip to the Farmer's Market

My BFF Paula and I made a trip to one of the local farmer's markets in a nearby town.  At one time I used to be a vendor there when I was a soap maker; and a pretty snobby one at that.  I was really particular about the ingredients that went into my soap and my customers appreciated that.  Since then, my soap making days became a thing of the past because my home was being overrun with the wonderful aroma of essential oils, leaving my nose pretty much desensitized; and my garage looking like a warehouse and factory. And besides that I had moved on to other passions…sewing and jewelry making.

Anyway, as we were strolling down the inside isle I spotted a new soap maker and of course I had to stop to scrutinize her ingredients.  OMG! She didn’t have rice bran oil listed in her ingredients. I can’t tell you how excited that made me! 

But on to the stated mission of buying up fish from my all-time favorite (I think you call them fish mungers), Brian owner of BJB Seafood & More LLC.  Here’s a plug for Brian if you are even in Lakeland, Florida and want some serious sea food. 

So after making the rounds and visiting will former fellow vendors, we made our way back up the street.  I had decided that I would stop back by the soap vendor and pick up a bar of her, by now dubbed snob soap.  I purchased a bar of her Patchouli Sandalwood and her husband graciously tucked a homemade wooden soap dish into my bag.

Well let me tell you what.  That is one fabulous bar of soap.  Nice tight bubbles and the aroma is sublime.  Her prices are very good for what I consider to be the Cadillac of soap. So I want to share a link to her online shop Natures Medley Soap.  Or while you’re shopping for fish, stop by her booth.


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