Care of Your Jewelry

I thought it would be beneficial for you to know how to care for your Sharon Burnett Artisan Jewelry so that it will continue to give you joy over the years.  So here goes....

Do not wear your jewelry while exercising.  Do not sleep with your jewelry, swim while wearing your jewelry, or use harsh chemicals such as chlorine, or ammonia.  Do not use a jewelry cleaner or abrasive fabric.  Do not wear your jewelry while applying lotions or hairspray. Some natural stones are sensitive to prolonged sunlight and will fade, therefore, do not wear your jewelry during prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

To clean your jewelry, use a mild dishwashing detergent such as Dawn or Dove and gently wipe the surface with a soft cotton cloth; then pat your jewelry dry with a clean dry cotton cloth.

Jewelry made with copper wire will continue to oxidize (age) over time.  This is natural.  If you are sensitive to copper, you may see your skin turn green.  If this happen, you can coat your copper wire jewelry with a clear acrylic coating to put a barrier between your skin and your jewelry.